Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Pippin Closet! Chiffon Tops for Sale

Hi All, 

Ingat post saye yang di bawah ni? 

Therefore, I am officially launch these new collections under the name of The Pippin Closet
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Here are the few snapshots of the collection. For the first batch we started of with Chiffon Collections. 
Most of the size are FREE SIZE unless it is specifically mentioned by us. Don't worry as we sell it at reasonable price :) 

Chiffon Pearl Rya 

Chiffon Pearl Rya

Chiffon Lace Carlin 

Chiffon Ayra Kaftan 

Chiffon Ayra Kaftan 

Zara Replica 

Chiffon Millie 

Chiffon Pearl Rya 

You can also contact us via the following: 

SMS/Whatsapp : 017-339 3475
Email : 

Thanks u olllsss 

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