Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Al - Fatihah - Ami Schaheera

As salam,

This came as such a shock to me when I looked at my IG this morning.

I'm sure most of us know our beloved sister, Ami Schaheera. After years of battling cancer, she has returned to Our Creator this morning. Even though I do not know here personally, but her strengths in fighting the cancer at a very young age, inspires me a lot.

Ami Schaheera, may you be amongst the loved by Allah in Jannah, and I pray for strength for your husband and the rest of the family to go through this hard time. Al-Fatihah.

#Al Fatihah to my beloved Babah, who also left us due to cancer. Miss you Babah.




Akmar Ramli said...

They are so strong ;"( my dad pun meninggal last year due to cancer.. May Allah swt berikan syurga buat mereka dengan redhanya mereka dengan tiap ujianNya..amin..

Reen Tart Nenas said...

Akmar Ramli : betul tu :(

mai has said...

al fatihah to ami...

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