Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Some people are trying so hard to please others. Me? I don’t need that and I don't really care. 

What is your New Year Resolution?
1. To be a good Muslimah - still trying so harddd 
2. To be a wife and daughter
3. To have kids 
4. To travel a lot - Can't Wait for 15th Jan! 
5. To further my study 


1. Please. I don't appreciate stalker in my blog. If you think that I am stupid, reflect it to yourself. 
2. If you think by reading my blog you will know everything about me, you are so wrong. 

1 comment:

UyaRayza said...

x ade azam lagiiii..tapi still takkan tukr azam lama..nak jadik muslimah and anak yg solehah..cume tahun depan tambah satu lagi la..jadi isteri yg taat and solehah hehehhe

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